Choosing the right commercial harness

Choosing the right industrial harness


Whether you’re in charge of gear at an Outdoor Education Centre, or starting a new adventure business, chances are that at some stage you’ll be faced with the task of buying climbing harnesses that suit high-volume, commercial usage. Choosing the right model is important, especially when purchasing , and the decision can be a confusing one with so many options on the market today. So, in order to simplify things, here are Equipped’s top 3 choices for commercial use harness.

Vertical Gym

The tried and true harness of the Outdoor Education industry. Chances are if you’ve spent time working an Outdoor Ed Centre or a climbing gym, then you’ve come across these tape harnesses at some stage. PROS – Bomber, secure and very easy to use, the Vertical Gyms gives peace of mind when dealing with groups of inexperienced users. One size and Gym a huge range of adjustability means you don’t need to worry about choosing a size range and the price point is great, especially when buying a big amount.

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