Equipped Outdoors supplies some of the most established schools and outdoors centres in Australia, and our Centre range is a product of this relationship. Working closely with the groups we supply, we have developed a range that covers everything from underwear to tents, and from participants to staff and instructors. While diverse, this range is not exhaustive, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
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Centre Clothing

We offer a diverse range of clothing for both participants and staff. We also understand that while a parent may be looking for a less expensive option to send their child to camp in, a Centre staff member may want something more long lasting and robust. We have an excellent selection from various brands that allows us to accommodate all needs, and to colour match garments to suit uniforms. Embroidery of your centre or schools logo is also available. For group uniforms, packages are also able to be tailored to your requirements, with excellent savings available for a full package. As we cater to school groups, children’s sizes are available, and sizing days for your organisation can be arranged – often at you location. Get in touch through our Contact us page.

Centre Equipment

Equipped offer a fantastic range of centre focussed equipment, looking to meet the diverse needs of an outdoors centre. Whatever the activity, from relaxed camping and hiking to adventurous climbing and roping, we have the best equipment at the best prices. If you are looking to outfit your school or your dedicated team of centre staff, we will tailor an equipment package that will be a great fit. Get in touch through our Contact us page.

Centre Camp

For the centre focused campsite, we have a great range of gear. We offer Tents of various sizes, cooking equipment and sleeping gear. We have a good range of freeze dried food available, designed as ration packs for army cadets and specifically put together for us, to ensure safety from common allergens.

For skills training, we also have excellent beginner level compasses, map cases (and whistles for the geographically embarrassed!). We have custom designed packs and day bags specifically for outdoors centres - ask about our "Wollomi" pack.
We can also provide all the sunscreen, bug repellent and waterproofing you could ever need. Pocketknives, headlamps, torches and first aid kits are also available. In short, if you can use it at your camp, we can provide it. Get in touch through our Contact us page.

Centre Paddle

We have a comprehensive range of paddling equipment for both Staff and Participants. Everything is available from boats to water shoes. We offer durable and hardwearing equipment that can be easily maintained, and is both safe and reliable.
In consultation with our clients we identified the need for a PFD specifically for use at outdoor education centres. We then worked with a manufacturer to design and produce our own custom made “centre-use” PFD.
Basic equipment for participants, as well as more specific gear for leaders is all available, and everything is available in bulk if required. Get in touch through our Contact us page.

Centre Vertical

We have an excellent range of vertical equipment, so whether you're running a flying fox, a high ropes course, or a climbing and abseiling activity, you can guarantee we have the right harness, helmet, rope, or piece of hardware for the job.
Following direct liaison with our clients, we have developed a suite of vertical equipment specific to outdoor centres. Simple harnesses for beginners, as well as colour coded helmets, ropes and hardware are an integral part of our range, and children’s sizes are available as well. Get in touch through our Contact us page.

Centre safety

With risk being unavoidable in your day to day profession it is important manage and mitigate the dangers, comply with the Adventure Activity Standards and industry best practices, but most of all continue to have fun.
Our diverse range of safety equipment can cover all activities, including land, vertical and water based. Simple things like whistles and glow sticks, through first aid kits and stretchers, right up to vertical rescue equipment are all a part of our range. As always, we can tailor to suit you specific requirements.
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