Equip your Industry Professionals

Our industrial range has been developed with a focus on those who serve our community. Whatever uniform you wear; green, blue or hi-vis, we’ve got you covered. We offer Commercial-off-the-shelf or custom-made gear and also some NATO Stock Numbered (NSN) equipment, allowing us to meet any requirement. We have vendor numbers for various groups, and are able to meet government requirements for tender and resupply. Get in touch through ourContact us page. for more information

Remote Access and Expedition

If your team spends time in remote locations then you require specialised equipment. We can supply you with communications, rations, first aid and whatever else is required for you to carry out your task. National Parks, SES, Police Rescue, and Military alpine expedition teams are just a few of the organisations we continue to look after.
We are happy to assist you in sourcing those unique items you currently use, or we may be able to offer you something better (or more cost effective) that you might not be aware of. We offer a range of tents and sleeping equipment, as well as emergency rations for extended operations. We supply tried and tested brands and can get equipment made to spec, as well as embroidered with your logo. Items on the more technical side are also available. Get in touch through our Contact us page for more information

Law Enforcement and Military

Equipped Outdoors continues a healthy relationship with a number of Police and Military groups, catering to varied requirements. We are happy to supply a number of specific needs items, such as GPS and extreme weather clothing, and we are able to customise gear to meet user requirements. We have vendor numbers for a number of police units, and we are a continued supplier to the Military Alpine Expedition team. Get in touch through our Contact us page for more information

Industry Vertical Equipment

Every Organisation is unique, and at Equipped we understand the importance of your safety equipment meeting both industry standards and your Organisations specific requirements. With access to a huge range of brands, we have all the ropes, harnesses and helmets you could want, as well as the hardware to go with them. This means we can cater to the needs of any vertically mobile organisation, and provide you with the latest technology available. Get in touch through our Contact us page for more information

Industry Safety and Rescue

With the risks involved in serving our community, it is important to have the right equipment that will not only help the person in need, but also keep the responder safe and allow a fast and effective rescue. We keep in touch with the industry to ensure we can supply the best gear, from big Items like comprehensive multi use first aid kits, ropes, harnesses and spinal boards, to the “one-percenters” like strap cutters, glow sticks and head torches that the experienced professional knows facilitates a faster, safer and more effective job. Whatever your industry, we have equipment that can make life safer and easier for you.
Get in touch through our Contact us page for more information.